How to apply

If your work/project/application is within our eligible criteria and does not fall under any of our exclusions then we would welcome your application. The board of trustees meet three times a year, usually on the last Saturday of February, June and October. Applications need to be submitted one clear month prior to the meeting date. Please make sure that your application fits with the meeting timings as we do not give retrospective grants. Please email the secretary for the date of the next application deadline if in any doubt.



Please send a letter of application with the following:

  • Full contact details: name of contact person, address, email address, phone number,website, registered charity number if you have one.
  • A summary of your organisation and what it does; including who it benefits
  • Briefly provide one, preferably two, examples of previous work/projects over the last two years (or as long as you have been running) that have made you proud and why.
  • Reports from your work or previous projects, feedback and letters of support.
  • A copy of your most recent accounts, or full budget.
  • What you are wanting a grant or funding for.
  • What amount you need and/or what amount you are applying for.


Please send a letter of application with the following:

  • Full contact details: your full name, address, email address, phone number etc.
  • If a student, evidence of your attendance or course place.
  • If wanting funding for books, equipment or stationery etc. full lists including costs.
  • Evidence of your financial status: receipt of benefits, low income etc.: why you need funding (all information is confidential)
  • Letters of support from a professional person who knows you: for example a tutor, GP, employer, social worker
  • If a medical condition is part of the application then evidence from the medical profession.

Please note that any applications received two weeks before the deadline with not enough information will not be put forward to that meeting.