After You Apply


Your application will be assessed by the Secretary and then the Chair of Trustees and if your application is fully supported and eligible it will be short-listed, and we will let you know as soon as possible.

We aim to respond to every application we receive with a decision of being short-listed or not within 6 weeks. The Trustees decision is final and we do not usually enter into further correspondence.

All short-listed applicants will be emailed just after the application deadline which is one calendar month before the Trustees Meeting, indicating whether or not their application will go forward to the meeting or not. At this point we will ask applicants to confirm that there are no changes to their application or that full funding has been achieved already.

After the Trustees Meeting we aim to contact all applicants with the outcome of their application, and if successful post a cheque out, within 3 weeks of the Meeting. Grants for courses and fees will normally be paid to the course provider.